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Valve positioners: Make the right choice

Before the development of positioners, control valves were worked through a direct instrument air supply to the actuator stomach through an I-P converter. The other procedure was to supply air through the pneumatic regulator straightforwardly.


The essential reason for a valve positioner is to change the gaseous tension driving the actuator of the valve and position the valve stem accurately. They get order signals from the regulator, intensify the air signals and feed them to the valve actuator to move the valve shaft into the cycle set point.


Contingent upon the kind of development and standard of working, positioners are classified into fundamental 3 sorts


  • Pneumatic positioners

  • Electro-pneumatic positioners

  • Smart positioners


Pneumatic Positioners: A pneumatic positioner deals with the power balance standard. The information air signal is transferred and the resulting signal is produced and given to the actuator for shaft development. Pneumatic positioner amplifies the signs got from I-P and given to Actuator activity. The I/P converter chips away at the rule of flapper spout to flag yield pressure corresponding to yield current. A 4-20 Mama signal produces a yield air sign of 3-15 psi. This air sign of 3-15 psi is taken care of by the pneumatic positioner. Like in a round of back-and-forth, where the rope doesn't digress from its unique position when the two rival groups apply a similar measure of power, the place of the valve stem is likewise fixed at a set moment that the info and result signal match.


Electro-pneumatic Positioners: In Electro-pneumatic or E/P positioners, the capability of the I/P is incorporated into the positioner. As the I/P capability is inbuilt, the simple sign 4-20 Mama is straightforwardly sent to the positioner. Here, the power to open and close the spout is adjusted by valve stem position and by input current sign. Adjusted bar development makes the place of the spout change and required air signals for the pneumatic actuator get produced.


Smart Positioners: Brilliant Positioners are CPU-based advanced valve regulators. These positioners convert the current sign to constrain sign to work the valve according to the interaction necessities. Advanced positioners offer numerous extra highlights when contrasted with regular positioner types like pneumatic and electro-pneumatic. This is valuable for precise cycle control, conservative activity, and generally speaking, the strength of the valve, to forestall any separate support.


Aira Euro Automation is the leading electro-pneumatic positioner. We offer various types of industrial valves like ball valves, butterfly valves, control valves, plug valves, and many more. 



As we can see surrounding us, advanced innovation is acquiring fame in each field, and quickly supplanting traditional techniques. A similar applies to positioners. Savvy positioners are furnished with numerous specialized highlights which are useful in activity at plants. Savvy positioners are likewise accessible in various kinds, contingent upon the development and working standard.


  • Contact type

  • Non-contact type

  • Straight sort

  • Turning type

  • Twofold acting

  • Single Acting


Advantages of utilizing brilliant positioners with advanced innovation


  • They are furnished with the most recent computer chip-based innovation

  • They convey high precision with low hysteresis

  • Less air utilization when contrasted with customary positioners brings about an enormous saving money on packed air age and supply

  • Accessible with various correspondence conventions like HART, FF, Profibus, and so forth

  • Auto valve alignment dispenses with the requirement for manual intercession

  • High-level symptomatic elements to assist with arranging preventive support

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